Indigenous peoples are the first line of defense against biodiversity loss and drivers of climate change in our planet’s most important forests yet, across the Amazon, their rainforest territories and traditional livelihoods are constantly under threat. While strong national and international legal frameworks give Indigenous peoples potent and effective mechanisms to defend their territories and cultures, for years the governments of Amazonian countries have exploited ambiguities in these laws in the interest of extractive industries. Indigenous peoples frequently haven’t had the tools or allies necessary to fight back. But the tide is turning.

Through pioneering new legal strategies and hard-hitting policy reform, Indigenous peoples are closing the loopholes in local, national and international laws that have enabled governments and companies to threaten their lives, their forests, and our climate for short-term economic gains. Historic court victories, landmark laws and regulations, and powerful mobilizations against governments’ attempts to roll back hard-won rights have propelled Indigenous peoples to the forefront of the global fight for environmental justice and human rights. We need to show there is global support for the protection and enforcement of Indigenous rights. Check out our campaigns and join the fight!

A Letter from TIME 100 and Goldman Environmental Prize Winner

To the nine presidents of Amazonian countries and world leaders: “Respect us.”

Waorani Resistance

A fight to stop the Ecuadorian government from selling off the Amazon to oil companies

Siona Survival

Siona survival depends on their right to keep their territory safe and oil-free

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