Stand with Waorani

Standing Up for Indigenous Rights

Water Unites Us

Waorani women suspend court hearing by singing

Waorani People Launch Historic Lawsuit

Siona Survival: “We want peace, not oil.”

2019: Looking Forward

Summary of 2018

The Ceibo Alliance in Bioneers

Sinangoe's Victory

Stand with Sinangoe

Sinangoe: Defending A’i Kofan Ancestral Territory

The Waorani’s Historic Fight Against An Oil Auction

Waorani Resistance

Minga of Reflection and Resistance

#LessOilMoreWater in the Amazon

A Journey for Clean Water with the Waorani People

The Ceibo Alliance

Kofan, the People

Waorani, The People

Secoya: The People of Many Colors

Environmental Monitoring

Territorial Mapping

Solar Systems

Indigenous Rights Defenders



Ñumi & Kuujima'ña


Ñakoa Ëko

Wildlife: Jaguar

Wildlife: The Giving Tree

Wildlife: Grey-winged Trumpeter

Wildlife: Bush Dog

Wildlife: White-lipped Peccary

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