Where We Work

Amazon Frontlines and the Ceibo Alliance work on concrete initiatives with over 60 communities from the Siona, Secoya, Kofan and Waorani indigenous Nations in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. Explore the Where We Work map to learn more about the past and present of these indigenous communities. Make sure to check out Communities with Stories to watch films or read first-hand accounts of our work with these communities, from clean water and solar energy, to territorial defense and cultural revival.

Secoya: Recovering Ancestral Territory

Since the 1941 war between Ecuador and Peru, the Secoya Nation has been separated by political borders and displaced from their ancestral homelands. Now they are working to reclaim their ancestral land and reunite with their families.

Here is an interactive georeferenced map of Lagarto Cocha which visually displays Secoya ancestral settlements, ceremonial centers, mythological sites, ancient travel routes, and traditional forest uses.

Waorani: Mapping Ancestral Lands

In the face of mounting threats to their lands and livelihoods, Waorani communities have begun creating territorial maps of their forests that document the historic and actual uses of their territory, demonstrating that their homelands are not up for grabs.

Whereas the maps of oil companies show petrol deposits and major rivers, the maps that the Waorani peoples are creating identify historic battle sites, ancient cave-carvings, jaguar trails, medicinal plants, animal reproductive zones, important fishing holes, creek-crossings, sacred waterfalls.

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